Thursday, February 28, 2008

Watch TV Online - Redux

It is still quite amazing that the copyright protection organisations have not come up with a better business model than chasing one site, only for it to be smashed and dispresed to several little sites, as it happpened in the case of TVLinks. Just like in a science fiction film or in Disney's Fantasia, breaking the broom only creates many little brooms flooding the room.

Few TV networks, as mentioned on previous posts on this site, offer their programmes online. In the German TV front, the good news are that ZDF made many of their programs (in fact, everything that they, and not others, produce) available online; ARTE also have many films and clips on their site. These two, however, are not in English.

In the English language world, except for the networks limiting their viewership to their own home country (NBC, ABC, etc.), there are several "global" networks. It might be worth mentioning here, that a good proxy server might be able to bypass the problem of watching television from another country, but then again, the best servers cost money.

LinkTV is the opposite of the late TV-Links, in the sense that it is all educational and legal. No Family Guy and Housewives there, only goody goody Mosaic Intelligence Report, which is an interesting analysis of Middle East affairs.

ESPN 360 is a fee based service, but also has many clips and shows available for free.

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