Monday, November 12, 2007 VIP channel - Worth it? have a neat trick - a VIP channel, separately from the "normal" users' channel. One can become a member of the VIP channel in two ways: contributing (through PayPal) to the site (nice way to make money for all that bandwidth); or contributing (free advices) at the forums. are quite elusive as to what are the real benefits of joining the VIP channel. One can only assume that unlike the "regular" TV-Video, which claims not to link to high definition/resolution versions of the full episodes they have, the VIP section has high definition and/or has quicker download rates. was not available several times in the past few weeks, with glitches in the software. This, of course, adds somewhat to the big question, whether or not to join their VIP club.

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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Mercure's Russian Roulette

Mercure hotel chain now runs a new campaign for its hotels in Berlin:
(1) you buy a room for 50 EUR a night, 99 for two nights, breakfast included
(2) four days before arrival, you will be notified which Mercure hotel you're receiving.
(3) the charge is non refundable. That is, even if you get a hotel you don't like, you can't call the deal off.

They call it "Gl├╝cksroulette Berlin", which means "luck roulette".

Now, Mercure have a couple of hotels in pretty decent locations in Berlin: one near Check Point Charlie, another near Charite hospital in Mitte (and near the Natural History Museum), one in Frankfurter Allee and another near the Technical Museum. There is also a hotel near the Boddinstrasse station (and close to the Tempelhof airport), which might not be the best neighbouhood in Berlin, but is very convinient, transportation-wise.

However, it has 9 hotels in Berlin and its vicinity: others are not "just" far away from the centre, but also from means of public transportation; and two are actually outside Berlin proper: in Potsdam and in the lively town of Henningsdorf, a place about which most Berliners haven't heard (let alone visited). Their hotel "Berlin City West" is described on their site as a city centre hotel, but is in fact located in a remote corner of Spandau, near the indusrial area of Siemensstadt (in all fairness, it has good public transport connection).

In other words, Mercure's Gl├╝cksroulette could end up as being quite a Russian Roulette: you might find tourself tucked away in Henningsdorf, Potsdam or Spandau; or in an airport hotel. The chances are even lower than the classic Russian Roulette.

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