Monday, June 04, 2007

Memorial for the Homosexual Victims of Nazism

Berlin: The design of a memorial to homosexuals persecuted and killed under the Nazis should be completed later this year. It will be placed in Tiergarten, just accross the street from the Memorial for the Murdered Jews of Europe.

"Last year, a jury chose a design by Danish-born Michael Elmgreen and Norwegian native Ingar Dragset for the memorial. It will be shaped as a gray concrete slab, with a window allowing visitors to view a film projection inside."

Deutsche Welle Reports:

Under the Nazis, between 5,000 and 10,000 homosexuals were shipped off to concentration camps. During its crackdown the Nazi regime also began 100,000 legal proceedings against homosexuals.

After the war, 44,231 homosexuals were prosecuted in what was then West Germany.

Legal discrimination of homosexuals was outlawed in 1994, four years after unification. East Germany had abolished its anti-gay legislation in 1968.

Tours in Berlin, also on this issue: here.

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