Sunday, April 29, 2007

About Me and This Blog

Finally, I came around into writing this, thanks to the advice of a friend. So, what is this blog all about?

Each individual is like an ice-cream parlour, with many flavours: I am a postgraduate student and a lecturer in Berlin (Germany). But I am also a former Google Answers Researcher (you can see my answers here). Google Answers used to be a main source of income for me, and was also one of the reasons I have started with My Eyes Online: I have found interesting sites, which I thought are worth mentioning, even if they are not relevant to my answer. Later on, I have also used it to wrote about my experiences as a budget traveller; a little about life in Berlin; and other things that happen to me, or that I find interesting.

After Google Answers shut down (in December 2006), my main source of income (besides a meagre stipend) has become AdSense.

Therefore, I decided to add some blogs about topics I am interested in: distance education, citiznship and immigration and dispensing advice on governmental/administrative help (tax, etc).

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