Monday, March 26, 2007

Where to Watch German TV Online

Onetipaday has published a list of sites, where you can watch TV online, mostly for free.

There are several more places, for those who are interested in German TV.

3Sat Vivo - short videos, no streaming

Tagesschuau - watch the ARD news in streaming

Lindenstrasse - watch the long-running soap online.

Deutsche Welle - a foreign office feel-good TV, with English too

N-TV - news

Phoenix - several programmes on Pheonix

ARTE - several shows

ZDF - videos from the second channel - live streaming of an interactive auctions channel (a-la eBay)

9Live - you have to be really bored and miserable to watch this crap

TV.B - Berlin's commercial local TV station

Some really weird TV channels here: and here:

From Onetipaday, those TV/video sites, which are relevant for Germany, are:

Channelsurfer - amazing community site. You can also upload.

Tape It Off The Internet - just what the name says - a very good blog

Organised Directories
By "organised directories" I mean places, where you can browse into your favourite show(s) and find links to online broadcasts of that show.

All UC - directory which works like a forum, and is updated more often than not.

TV Links - a very comprehensive directory

Streamick - another large directory


Vidlist - including movies

QuickSilverScreen - a list, regularly updated with an RSS option

WeeTeeVee - most of the rest.

Sick Eric (please note, that probably due to the success of, there is a site calling itself, which is just an adsense trap).

VeniVideoVici - some real gems.

PeekVID - Asian slant and anime.

Search Engines:

DVD Cosmos - a search engine of TV/anime/movies online. Doesn't store anything itself.

Naturally, you can also try your luck at Google Video or

Update (April 19): provides a list of TV channels that provide something online; the disadvantages are that it is for Americans (=many shows unaccessible for Europeans, even if you pay); a lot requires subscription (=not free); and a lot is only promotional clips from the actual show, but still, a good source.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Great Gmail add-ons, tricks etc.

Makeuseof posted a great list of more than 30 Gmail tools, add-ons, hacks and tricks : here.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Science v. Faith

Naturally, the issue of science and faith is a complex one, as could be seen in many analyses by scholars like William Bainbridge.

However, you can also fool around a little:

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