Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Watching Belgian Television Online

Is Belgian TV more boring than television stations from other countries? Only watching it online could give you an idea...

The most important site for watching Belgian television online is iWatch

The Music Facotry channel is certainly not boring to those who are interested in popular music video clips (Vlaams, Flemish)

Sport is available at Sporza.be

The children's show NT van Ketnet is available here ; Ketnet's site is here

Watch TV.be has an assortment of TV shows from Belgium

The comedy Willy's en Marjetten is also available online

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Watching Argentine Television Online

Argentina has one of the longest traditions of television in the world, and even some non-Spanish speakers hook in the Argentinean telenovelas or want to watch Argentine football online.

Find Internet TV has a list of Argentinian television channels broadcasting fully or partially online. A similar list can be found at TVover

As for specific programmes

Amanda O - a telenovella with Natalia Oreiro - some clips here

The Argentine version of Desperate Housewives , Amas de Casa Desesperadas, has a blog with relevant videos

Caiga Quien Caiga can be watched here,

Casados con Hijos

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Watching Austrian Television Online

The next article in our series of watching TV online, is for the Republic of Austria - please note that this is different from Australiam, about which we have already written the guide on getting Australian TV online (silly thing, but many people misspell in this case...)

Free channels/programmes:

The ORF (Austrian Broadcasting Corporation) offers free streaming of the news and the regional news

Okto is available online

Hello Austria - Hello Vienna is Austrias weekly international television magazine. The program provides viewers with information and entertainment from the alpine republic, covering a wide spectrum of topics ranging from landscape features to business success stories; historical flashbacks and 'off the wall' portraits of interesting individuals; reports on Austrian art, culture and architecture.

Pay per view/subscription:

Lola1 TV offers Bundesliga matches, Ice Hockey and other sports programmes on a pay per vewi basis

Specific Programmes
You can watch the first season of Austria's Next Topmodel here

Monday, April 06, 2009

Australian TV Online

I have seen that relatively many people who get into my blog are looking for ways to watch their favourite television shows when they are away from home, and relatively many are looking for German TV online, for example.

I decided that every now-and-then I will update my blog with new ways to watch specific TV stations online, and this time, my Aussie friends and expats from down under - where to watch Australian TV online.

ABC (Australia) has many shows up online, where you can watch them and even download your favourite ABC show (as long as it is produced by them).

If you're interested in Australian (or international) tennis, you should definitely check out Australian Open TV ; Cricket TV, on the other hand, demands registration and payment in advance.

Also try:
BigPond TV

A Directory of Australian shows online

While the Australian Idol wensite is restricted to Australian residents only, Blinxx has full episodes of Australian Idol

The same could be said of another popular Australian reality TV show , The Mole, full episodes of which could be found for example at Sidereel, which also has links to full episodes of The Secret Life of Us.

TV Links has another successful Australian show, Summer Heights High

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Watch TV Online - Redux

It is still quite amazing that the copyright protection organisations have not come up with a better business model than chasing one site, only for it to be smashed and dispresed to several little sites, as it happpened in the case of TVLinks. Just like in a science fiction film or in Disney's Fantasia, breaking the broom only creates many little brooms flooding the room.

Few TV networks, as mentioned on previous posts on this site, offer their programmes online. In the German TV front, the good news are that ZDF made many of their programs (in fact, everything that they, and not others, produce) available online; ARTE also have many films and clips on their site. These two, however, are not in English.

In the English language world, except for the networks limiting their viewership to their own home country (NBC, ABC, etc.), there are several "global" networks. It might be worth mentioning here, that a good proxy server might be able to bypass the problem of watching television from another country, but then again, the best servers cost money.

LinkTV is the opposite of the late TV-Links, in the sense that it is all educational and legal. No Family Guy and Housewives there, only goody goody Mosaic Intelligence Report, which is an interesting analysis of Middle East affairs.

ESPN 360 is a fee based service, but also has many clips and shows available for free.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

TV Shows Legally Online

I have wondered in the past, why unlike online radio, online TV is not available to everyone, everywhere; and it is much more difficult to watch some good shows online.

Apparenly, some TV productions are available completely legally online, but viewing is usually limited to U.S.-based users.

The creators or the ingenious "IT Crowd" have taken a completely different attitude. First of all, the show was legally available for watching on the Channel 4 site; it understands that the globalisation of tv production and the availability of TV shows outside their original production rights are a fact - and its way to deal with it is to create better content, that would make us want to buy their DVD (I know I want it). Wikipedia describes the DVD extras:

Also included on the DVD are subtitles in leet. The leet subtitles, for the
first episode, are not a direct translation of the show and include many
references to geek culture that were not included in the original episode. The
second episode has the subtitles ROT13 encoded, episode three has
all the words in the subtitles sorted in alphabetical order, episode four has
the text base64
encoded and the last two episodes are direct leet translations.[10]
It is
possible to run the decrypted VOB files for episode four from the DVD through a
subtitle OCR program
such as SubRip which will produce a text file containing the base64 data. After
removing the extra line feeds and time indexes, the resulting file can be
processed by a base64 decoder and it will produce the 15.3KB plain text of the
subtitles (using Unix
linefeeds). The base64 encoding does contain one error: line 423 and 424 are
duplicates and one must be removed for proper decoding (the text is
also included a short film written and
directed by Linehan called Hello Friend, which starred
Ayoade in a silent role, and also had an appearance from Little
David Walliams.

But finally, even non-UK users can enjoy the first season legally, through FileClowd

Other legal downloads of TV shows there are rather Internet produced TV shows (read: independent television, an interesting concept in itself).

Monday, November 12, 2007

tv-video.net VIP channel - Worth it?

tv-video.net have a neat trick - a VIP channel, separately from the "normal" users' channel. One can become a member of the VIP channel in two ways: contributing (through PayPal) to the site (nice way to make money for all that bandwidth); or contributing (free advices) at the tv-video.net forums.

Tv-Video.net are quite elusive as to what are the real benefits of joining the VIP channel. One can only assume that unlike the "regular" TV-Video, which claims not to link to high definition/resolution versions of the full episodes they have, the VIP section has high definition and/or has quicker download rates.

TV-Video.net was not available several times in the past few weeks, with glitches in the software. This, of course, adds somewhat to the big question, whether or not to join their VIP club.

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